Friday, August 14, 2009

Our First CouchSurfers

Our very first CouchSurfers arrived safely yesterday :)

Jason & Corina are a couple from Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada, who are on day 32 of a one year journey around the world. They hope to relax from their years of school and work while enjoying an experience of a lifetime. They are traveling throughout Europe, Asia and South America during their 365 day travel odyssey.

Before their arrival in Germany, Jason & Corina visited Vancouver - Canada, NYC - US, London, York, Edinburgh & Belfast - UK.

Their overall itinerary, to name but a few, includes the following locations: Canada, US, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Morocco, Italy, Hungary, Greece, Egypt, Croatia, Turkey, UAE, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan, Brazil, Chile & Peru.

Corina & Jason
- What a great couple

Upon their arrival at their CouchSurfing host, Jason made a lovely meal - A 'pasta with tomato & spinach' creation - mmm very tasty! It's a shame that Jason & Corina are not around for a little longer - we could get used to their culinary delights.

Mark welcomed Jason & Corina with a surprise greeting from BOB FM 99.9, which is one of the local radio stations in their hometown of Winnipeg, Canada - 4295 miles away!

Listen to Mark's greeting below

On their last evening with us, we ventured out with Jason, Corina and their flat nephew & nieces (Petroffs/Penners) to a quaint Vegan eatery (yoyo) in Berlin and had a great night out - the food was very tasty - Andrea enjoyed a cheese & spinach burger with chips and salad while Mark was mesmerized by a seitan cheese burger with chips and salad.

Corina with flat Penner nieces, Hannah, Ellie & Sasha
Jason with flat Petroff nephew & niece, Owen & Jane
- enjoying a ride on Berlin's S-Bahn (Fast train)

After two days of hosting Jason & Corina we are very sorry to see them leave and hope that we will see them again in Germany, the UK or Canada - they were both great to get along with.

We wish Jason & Corina lots of happiness, wonderful experiences and all the best for their remaining 11 months round the world journey.

Jason & Corina
-leaving Berlin on 15th August 2009

Their next stop is Holland - we will fervently follow their adventures via their blog and Facebook.

Thanks for staying with us Guys - you spiced up our week!

1 comment:

  1. hi guys. pictures look great and your description of our trip is more thorough than our own couchsurfing profile!! haha.

    thanks for the good times. everytime i hear my last name 'penner' i will giggle just a little bit :D

    amsterdam is fantastic. we had great weather today and saw lots of modern architecture.

    keep in touch,
    corina & jason


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